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I'm Alex (also known as Midge, Al and the Guy in the Neon Orange and Black Leathers). Three main passions in life: Mountains, Motorbikes and Old Stuff. Currently in North Wales, at Bangor Uni with my Transalp 600 and Snowdonia on the doorstep. The purpose of this Blog is a combination of discussing the above and highlighting other blogs and videos of interest.

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The Slideshow contains various pictures (all taken by myself), ranging from my Dogs to hanging belays at Gogarth. Hopefully they give you a flavour of what I get up to.


Mini Post: Adventures of the Year National Geographic.

Have a read. Some fantastic stories.

I can't make my mind up on who to vote for. So many interesting travels and adventures. I'm tempted to vote for Alastair Humpherys as I've seen some of his mini-films and they are interesting. He makes adventures possible in various ways and points out that you don't need to do the North Face of the Eiger to have a tale to tell. 

The picture of Cory Richards is great, I'm going to try for the frozen face look this winter.

I like reading the National Geographic (and you should to). It is always a source of inspiration for me of places to go and things to see. Also being a bit of an eco-hippy I think it vitally highlights various ecological issues that are of worldwide importance. Finally they often have "old-stuff" in which appeals to the historian me.

Also this is a little video and bit of music that keeps me happy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrdYczRLXkE

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